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Why Do Students Struggle With Math?

Many students usually struggle when it comes to math-related tasks. However, it is also essential to understand that students find this kind of task more difficult than others. It is good to point out that merely because a student struggles with arithmetic does not mean that they are not bright. One of the things that make students fall short when it comes to math-related assignments is the fact that they feel like they are not up to the task. This makes them give up on the assignment and end up getting low marks that they do not deserve.

However, understand that believing that you cannot tackle your math problem is just a limit that you set for yourself. This is something that you can quickly grasp if you put your mind on it, read hard, and believe that you can do it. This is one of the points that lead students to think that math will never be a part of their daily lives, which is very wrong.

In this article, we are going to look at who struggles with math in school. We aim to understand why this happens. This is all to show students that math is something that anyone can not understand but excel in. Here are some of the type students that are thought to be struggling when it comes to math;

  1. Those with anxiety – understand that success or failure in math usually causes many psychological effects in students. One of these effects is anxiety. It is crucial to keep in mind that anxiety is a sense that will keep the student worried no matter when he has done well or not. When this prevails for a long time, it makes one give up on math as they feel that they cannot take it on and succeed.
  2. Dyscalculia students – these are the kinds of students that have a problem with basic arithmetic. This means that they have issues when it comes to understanding math facts. Dyscalculia affects the abilities of these students to estimate or even read clocks. This condition makes the children hate math, making it hard for them to progress in the subject.
  3. Dyslexia – this is one condition that makes students mix up or reverse numbers or shapes. It makes it hard for them to process not only numbers but sounds in general. This makes it even harder for these students to be able to solve math problems.

The fact that math is cumulative means that when a student fails to grasp one concept/ lesson, they are most likely to miss out or not understand what will be taught for the rest of the semester. This makes the students demoralized and believing that math is one subject that they can never fathom. Understand that with this kind of mentality, the student will keep underperforming when it comes to math problems and then end up believing that they are not good when it comes to mathematics.

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