How To Write A Graduate Thesis Proposal

Tips on How to Write Your Graduate Thesis Proposal

It is essential to understand what a thesis proposal is before you start on the fact-finding missions and, eventually, the writing stage. Always keep in mind that your graduate thesis proposal is essentially the outline of the thesis paper itself. It acts as a guideline to the reader that shows them exactly what the main thesis holds.

This is why your thesis proposal is an essential document. In this part of the thesis, you will show why creating the paper was worth putting in a lot of your time. Furthermore, you also get to convince the professors that whatever information you will include in your thesis later on directly relates to your topic. You also get to show them that you picked proper research methods that led to the collection of not only relevant but also enough information to speak to the research questions of your thesis correctly.

How to Choose a Good Topic for Your Thesis

Sometimes a student might get lucky and have their mentor/ supervisor get them a good topic. However, this only happens where both the student and the professors have preferences that complement each other, which is not as common as one might think. Most of the time, students are liable for the kind of topic that they pick.

Therefore, each student gets to choose a topic and then seeks approval from their supervisor about whether the problem is suitable. Where it is not, it is back to the drawing book for the student. Understand that you have to pick a topic that provides extensive research in your study field as a student. Here are some of the points you should keep in mind when choosing a topic;

  1. Ensure that the topic you pick can be stated clearly without any vagueness- this is very important. Remember, the reader needs to know precisely what it is your thesis explores directly from your topic.
  2. Ensure that you have some understanding (if not grasping it fully) of the topic you choose. This will be very helpful to you when you are seeking to justify why the said topic is worth the time you put into it. Understand that the best way to do this is usually by quoting a renowned entity in the study field who has suggested the need for the study/research. Therefore, being familiar with the topic will help you quickly justify its importance.
  3. Make sure that there is a proper research approach that suits the kind of topic you are going with. It also very important to ensure that you can vividly explain the research methodology you are going to employ

From the above points, it is clear that in the proposal section of your thesis, you will get the chance to retain your professors' interest or lose it altogether. Therefore, this section of the paper must be crafted excellently. Remember, with the points that the essay holds, the aim will always be to create a document that amasses us as many points as possible.

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